A breakthrough process for drying hair that works 50% faster than other methods and keeps hair healthier by reducing the amount of time it’s wet. Made with Aquitex®, a proprietary moisture-wicking fabric.

Aquis Rapid Dry Hair Turban

  • When you shower and your hair gets wet, every strand’s cuticle (its outer later) expands and raises, opening it to damage and swelling. A damaged cuticle is like a damaged suit of armor for your hair. 

    Blow dryers can be great for styling hair, but they shouldn't be used to dry hair from soaking wet. Rubbing hair with a bath towel can also be a harmful way to dry hair that uses a dangerous amount of force and friction. Using either of these methods after showers harms hair in its most vulnerable state and breaks down each strand’s shape and structure. Avoiding friction and heat is key to keeping your hair strands smooth, strong, and hydrated.

  • Aquitex® is a proprietary material designed to wick away moisture faster than cotton towels without taking nourishing moisture out of your hair. The unique, innovative design allows for hair drying without force or heat and promotes stronger, healthier hair and a faster morning routine.