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Hello Beautiful. Our innovative and long wearing cream formula is water-resistant with a rich velvety consistency. Our convenient all-in-one Eyebrow Cream and brush packaging, is ideal for the modern woman on the go. The cream is stored at one end with a true airlock seal, and contains an angled brush providing an effortless and precise application every time. After application, the cream can be quickly blended before it sets, to create a truly natural, stay-all-day look. 

Available in 9 shades: Beautiful Blonde, Luscious Light Brown, Tantalizing Taupe, Marvelous Medium Brown, Awesome Auburn, Dazzling Dark Brown, Delightful Deep Brown, Graceful Grey, Elegant Ebony.




1.  Apply the cream in small hair like strokes beginning in the middle of the brow where it tends to be naturally darker. Continue sketching from the bottom of the arch to tail in the natural direction of hair growth. Remember a little goes a long way.  

2.  Sketch small hair like strokes from the top of the arch to tail. This will create a fuller, natural looking top of brow shape. Gradually build up the cream and fill in the center of the brow while still following the natural direction of hair growth.  

3.  Leave the front of the brow lighter by using the excess cream left on the brush. Apply in an upward motion in small hair like strokes and lightly fill in the front of brows.

Chella Eyebrow Cream

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