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A tonic as clean and pure as the wild desert plants we harvested to create it. Purity is formulated, with superhero ingredients including dandelion and peppermint, to quickly reduce inflammation and combat bacteria. A perfect combination of powerful botanicals gently and effectively rebalance excess oil and sebum production, reducing acne flareups. An abundance of ionized minerals, alkaline solutions and anti-fungal properties form a protective shield, promoting new cell production. Purity feels clean and light on the skin. Take a quiet moment and think to yourself; this is how my skin was meant to feel.

Purity Perfectly Clear Tonic

    • Restore skin's natural pH balance
    • Protect from infections
    • Protect against inflammatory breakouts
    • Clear dead skin cells & harmful toxins
    • Brighten & soften the skin
    • Shrink pores & tighten skin tone
    • Increase cellular metabolism
    • Balance the production of sebum
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