Salon FiG   

  New Jersey's  Eco-Friendly Healthy Choice Beauty & Wellness Salon, Spa & Shoppe   

FiG Story

 Salon FiG was started with our guests and employees in mind.  That's why being natural and organic is such an important venture for us.


FiG was created to give everyone a home away from home and a healthier place to be.  From the cozy feel, warm atmosphere, and friendly staff to the convenient location, hours of operation and all the natural and organic services and products provided. 

All are welcome to come and enjoy their Salon, Spa and Shoppe experience in pure comfort.

Some ask why FiG, what does it mean; simply stated

"Faith in God". 

It's what allows the salon to be what it is today and what will continue to help it grow tomorrow and a long time to come.

Stop by and take in the experience, you'll be glad you did.