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We believe.

Reliability. Respect.

Integrity. Transparency.

These values are at the center of who we are and what we do.

They represent our attitude, our decisions and our actions to set the rules by which we conduct our business…

• Animals (including people) should not suffer for beauty
• Maintain the highest quality and safety standards
• Manufacture products that are healthier for you, your staff and your clients
• Manufacture products
with respect and responsibility

Skin Sensitivity Testing

Why do we do it?
We are often asked...

Why do I have to do a sensitivity test for my color?
The answer is simple.  To keep you safe.

Every time your hair is colored there is a possibility you could have an allergic reaction or sensitivity to any color ingredient.  Just because you've never reacted to a color in the past doesn't mean you won't in the future.

Changes to things like medications, hormones, diet and even stress levels can impact the way your body interacts with color on any given day.  Which means when you step through our doors it's not just your hair you're entrusting us with, it's your health and well being as well and we take that very seriously.

New guests with any prior history of itching or burning with any color are required to do a sensitivity test.  

Why would I react to a natural color?  Isn't it completely safe?

The range we recommend and use in-salon, replaces harsh synthetic ingredients with gentler certified organic and natural ingredients whenever possible.  This massively decreases the chance of adverse reactions to the product.  All permanent color involves a color pigment which can cause reactions

Think about bee stings, peanuts, strawberries, kiwifruit, tomatoes....these are all 100% natural and yet many people cannot go near them for fear of reactions, sometimes very severe.

Yes, severe reactions to professional hair colors are uncommon and even less likely with the color we use - but as long as there's even a slight chance that harm could find you on our watch, our sensitivity policy will stand.

When, Where & How?
Sensitivity tests can be preformed in-salon(preferred) or in an easy take home kit and should be preformed at least 48 hours before your color appointment.
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