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Salon Experience

Relax and get excited about your Salon FiG experience.




1.  Salon FiG is an appointment based experience.

2.  Our Holistic Beauty Professionals depend on your appointments for sustainability so we must adhere to a 48hour cancellation policy

When making an appointment a credit card is required to be placed on file (you do not need to use that card or any card to pay for your appointment.)  to hold your appointment, and will be charged the full amount of your services if you do show for your appointment.


It is up to you to reschedule an appointment if you are not feeling well or your plans change.





48hours gives your Holistic Beauty Professional time to fill your appointment slot with another guest*. 

As always at Salon FiG, every situation is taken into account, we are not looking to charge unnecessarily.  

*your Holistic Beauty Professional's income is dependent upon your completed services.

If we are closed when calling to cancel or reschedule please LEAVE a message.

We have adopted a non cash adjustment system.  If you are using a card to pay for your services, the non cash adjustment of 3.9% will be your responsibility and will be additional to your normal service charges. 

The 3.9% is not charged or absorbed by Salon FiG. 

 Cash and Check are always welcome. 

3.  If you are not feeling well in any way please call and reschedule your appointment at the first signs of unrest.  We require 48hours notice to reschedule your appointment, so waiting to see if you feel better is not suggested. 

4.  We ask that you arrive ON TIME for your appointment.  We understand things happen, but please understand that each guest is allotted the proper time to fully enjoy their experience.  Late guests cut into time allotted for other guests.  Therefore, we cannot accommodate lateness of any kind. 

If you are late and we cannot perform your schedule services you will be charged for those services and a new appointment will have to be scheduled. 

5.  New Guests are asked to fill out and submit our online guest information form found here on our website before arriving at the salon. 

6.  New Guests may be requested to perform  consultations based on appointment needs and requests.

Photos are always welcome and encouraged before and during consultations. 


7.  We encourage you to take this time with us for relaxing and rejuvenation.  For this reason we strongly discourage bringing any additional people into the salon with you.  We are saddened to say that includes children.  Please be respectful, additional people in the salon during your appointment can be distracting.   If you are bringing a child in for an appointment, for yourself or them, we must ask that all individuals can sit quietly and calmly so that all guests can enjoy their experience. 

Thank you for your understanding.


8.  When you arrive at the salon for your appointment we have a front lobby for your convenience while your Holistic Beauty Professional prepares for your visit.  We also have a Natural Essentials Shoppe located in the front of our spa for your shopping convenience.   

We will do our absolute best to be on time and ready for you when you arrive.


9.  While in the salon feel free to shop our store, the Natural Essentials Shop is OPEN.  We have a fully stocked Natural Essential Store offering hair, skin, nails, home, and health products that have been researched and chosen to grace our shelves. 

Everything in our store is also available on-line for your convenience.  

Please feel free to utilize our on-line shopping app on our website to see all our healthy available products.  If you are looking for something, please ask your Holistic Beauty Professional, our Front End Managers for assistance. 

We still offer door side pick-up of all our products for your convenience.

10.  Please be respectful of others in the salon at all times.  We are all here to enjoy our experience together with no stress and lots of positive energy and love.

11.  Spa services such as facials, sugaring, manicures, and pedicures are available Tuesday through Saturday.


12.  You are more than welcome to bring your own phone, tablet, laptop, or book.  WiFi is provided for you.

13.  Talking on your cell phone in the salon is restricted.  If you would like to talk on your phone or have an emergency, ask a service provider for assistance or move to our lobby area. 

We ask that we try to keep our atmosphere as relaxing as it can possibly be.


14.  We have a refill station and recycling center.  Bring your empty cleaned containers and refill your favorite brands while saving money and the planet. 

Don't have a container? 


Purchase one of our new or sanitized recycled container. 

Drop off your empty cleaned glass containers to be recycled and

receive an extra savings on your products and refills.   

15.  Your HBP and our Front End Managers will wrap up your appointment in our store area. 

All services, products and booking your next experience will happen there.

16.  We recommend pre-booking your next appointment because certain days and times book quickly. 

We want you to get the perfect time for your schedule.  We also have a cancellation list that we keep running to allow guests to get in quicker when other guests can't make their scheduled appointment.

Smile you've just had a Salon FiG experience and we can't wait to see you again.

Bullet Points for Quick Reference (See above for details)

  • Credit card must be given upon scheduling an appointment

  • New credit card payment usage policy

  • New guests must fill out on-line form before arriving

  • Consultations before appointment can be made at any time complimentary

  • Give 48hours notice if you need to reschedule in order to not be charged 

  • Avoid bringing anyone extra with you to your appointment if not necessary

  • Shopping our store can be done in person or from your chair on-line here in our website - ask about discounts

  • Facials, Sugaring, Manicures, and Pedicures are available by appointment

  • Door-side pick-up is still available through our on-line shop here on our website

  • Gift Certificates can still be purchased on line as well as in the salon or on the phone

  • Refill Bar and Recycle Center is OPEN

  • Remember we are a family here, we love and appreciate you

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